X-POLE A-Frame

The most portable, height adjustable, multi-discipline aerial rig in the world; the X-POLE A-FRAME!

X-POLE A-Frame

£399.99 incl. VAT

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Take your aerial experience anywhere with the X-POLE Aerial A-FRAME; Take flight!

The A-FRAME is designed to be a portable aerial rig for Hammocks, Silks, Hoops and the X-FLY Flying Pole.

Adjustable from 2.45m up to 3.48m in height, the A-FRAME can be as adaptable as you.

Carry cases for all elements of the A-FRAME come as standard, and at a total of 35kgs, this really is the most portable aerial rig available.


  • Lightweight aluminium frame for maximum portability
  • 1.4m top bar supplied with product
  • Extendable height from 2450mm up to 3480mm
    • Footprint
      • 2450mm height – 4.4sqm (lowest setting)
      • 3480mm height – 8.9sqm (highest setting)
  • Stabilisation straps supplied for extra rigidity at taller heights
  • Can be used indoors (height clearance permitting) or outdoors
  • Flexibility to switch between aerial disciplines (Hammocks, Silks, Hoops or X-FLY Flying Pole)
  • Carry cases included
  • Full instructions included
  • Additional weight bags included for maximum stability
    • Sand not included
  • Figure 8 Connectors sold separately


Can I make the A-FRAME wider?

Yes, we produce an extended top bar for the A-FRAME which is 2m long

Can I use a trapeze on an A-FRAME?

No, we do not recommend using a Trapeze with the X-POLE A-FRAME

How many people can use an A-FRAME at once?

A maximum of two people can use an A-FRAME at one time

How much does an A-FRAME weigh?

The X-POLE A-FRAME weighs 35kg

What are the shipping dimensions of my product?

Our boxing differs depending on the product, here is a list of the different box sizes: A-FRAME: L – 1600MM H – 250MM D – 250MM SPORTS: L – 1150MM H – 245MM – D – 85MM XPERT/XPERT PRO: L – 1170MM H – 450MM D – 125MM X-STAGE: L – 950MM H – 410MM D – 250MM X-STAGE LITE: L – 1015MM H – 315MM D – 205MM X-STAGE PLATES: L – 750MM H – 120MM – D – 830MM