First X-POLE produced and shipped

First X-POLE produced and shipped

The first X-POLE leaves HQ and finds a new home with a very happy owner.

Good 'Ol US of A

Our US office opens its doors and brings pole and aerial to America

New Digs

X-POLE UK & Europe moves into offices located in Potters Bar

Time to innovate again!

Setting the standard for creativity and innovation, X-POLE releases the X-STAGE

A revolution in Portable Pole Technology

A new and safe way to assemble poles is devised; The X-POLE X-JOINT


A leaner, lighter X-STAGE is introduced to the world

Bold, Beautiful Brass

Due to popular demand, we introduce a Brass variant of the XPERT


A new way to manage your studio and gym space is created; PoleAway

Take Your Aerial Experience Everywhere

The X-POLE A-FRAME means aerialists can now practice anywhere!

Hoops, Rings and Lyra's

Single and Dual point hoops are added to the X-POLE range

Stainless Steel Poles

Stainless Steel (great grip and minimal Nickel content) poles are added to the X-POLE range

Movin' On Up

X-POLE UK & Europe moves into offices located in New Barnet


The new style X-JOINT changes the way people pole forever!

Strength and Durability

To cope with the ever increasing demands of performers and athletes, X-POLE creates the dual-lined pole range

X-POLE Asia Opens its doors

X-POLE opens an office in Shanghai to service the ever growing Asian region

Powder Coat Pink and Black

Powder Coat finishes added to the X-POLE range

Silicone Pink and Black

Silicone finishes added to the X-POLE range

X-POLE Active Clothing

X-POLE Active Clothing is launched

Twist and Go!

X-LOCK is launched worldwide!

The most advanced technology

in the world of pole fitness and pole dancing

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I have been using X-POLE for almost 10 years. They are sturdy, grippy, easy to assemble & take the strain of my busy pole studio with no problems.

X-POLE have always been a leader in safety & quality which has allowed pole dancers and aerialists to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

I love X-POLE products because of the quality & safety. There has never been a moment where I didn’t trust my X-POLE, either in the studio or on stage.

X-POLE is not only one of the best quality poles in the world, but they have also changed my life! I've been using X-POLE's for the top show in the world & they always work for me the way I need them to.

The X-POLE team

The Creators, The Dreamers, The Innovators, The Brave, The Teachers; X-POLE

Join the crew

X-POLE: Beyond The Expected

Ready to go beyond your own expectations, limits, fears, boundaries and anything else holding you back? We're here for you through thick and thin, the good days and the bad days, always striving to give you the best experience possible. We're all in a race, the human race! X-POLE is for everybody; no matter what tribe or clique you identify with or belong to, we are all one people, and X-POLE is here for all of you. At home, in the gym, studio or on the go: We are X-POLE and we are here to go Beyond The Expected.

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