Why pole on the ground when you can fly? Elevate your pole game to the next level with the X-FLY Flying Pole.




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The most portable, height-adjustable, multi-discipline aerial rig in the world; the X-POLE A-FRAME! Independently weight load tested in the UK.

X-Clean 100ml (Single)

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Why pole on the ground when you can fly? Elevate your pole game to the next level with the X-FLY Flying Pole.

The X-FLY Flying Pole has been created to give you the freedom to combine pole and aerial into something new and exciting.

Building on our existing X-JOINT technology, we have developed a brand-new Aerial X-JOINT locking system to ensure complete safety and stability while using the X-FLY.

The X-FLY is available in Chrome and Silicone Black, in 45mm diameter and can have an additional 400mm extension added.


  • Multi-piece for easy transportation and storage – two equal-length pole tubes – Additional/optional 400mm extension for increased length
  • Safe and secure thanks to X-JOINT technology and a high-grade steel eye bolt insert
  • Easy to assemble
  • The carry case comes as standard
  • Multiple rigging options are possible
  • X-Fly Set Pole Lengths:
    • Without extension – 2410mm (7′ 10″) (2 x 1180mm tubes)
    • With 400mm extension – 2810mm (9′ 3″) (2 x 1180mm 400mm Extension)
  • 45mm pole diameter
  • Available in Chrome and Silicone finish (product colour may differ from pictures)

For rigging and fixing of the X-FLY, check out our aerial accessories. If you’re not sure what you’ll need, take a look at our support page.

Weight N/A
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Chrome, Stainless Steel, Silicone Black

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