On the pole or off, X-POLE Active is an affordable range of training wear that has been designed to be just as active as you!

Final reductions on all X-POLE Active clothing, now just £4.99 per item; when they're gone, they're gone: grab a deal now!

Clothing size guides can be viewed here.

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X-POLE: Beyond The Expected

Ready to go beyond your own expectations, limits, fears, boundaries and anything else holding you back? We're here for you through thick and thin, the good days and the bad days, always striving to give you the best experience possible. We're all in a race, the human race! X-POLE is for everybody; no matter what tribe or clique you identify with or belong to, we are all one people, and X-POLE is here for all of you. At home, in the gym, studio or on the go: We are X-POLE and we are here to go Beyond The Expected.

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