The (Not So) Secret Diary Of A Pole and Aerial Hoop Beginner – Week Six

eek Six – Pole

I was really looking forward to Pole this week, but I was also a little sad. The reasoning behind this was I felt like I was making great progress in Pole, but I was sad as this was going to be my last pole lesson of 2019.

Hannah took us through the usual warm up, increasing the quantity of everything (toe touches, push ups, etc.) a little to push us a bit harder.

We then revisited our inversions. Firstly, Inversion into Crucifix. This was a hell of a lot easier for me than the previous week and within a couple of tries I was able to do it and take off both hands for a full Crucifix! The key to success for me here was the placement of my knees on the pole, making my hold a lot stronger than previous attempts. My dismount still needs some work, but I am incredibly happy with my progress.

Hannah then suggested trying a Straddle. I’d been working on something similar in Aerial Hoop, but this didn’t seem to translate over to Pole. After adjusting my grip a little, I did manage a messy (read legs not straight and toes not pointed) straddle, but it’s something else to work on in the first session of 2020!

We then moved on to putting together a short routine including a Threaded Reverse Pirouette, Chair Spin, Attitude Spin, Fan Kick and some floor work.

The Threaded Reverse Pirouette felt very weird to me, like my body didn’t want to follow it through, but I think I got there in the end with some further guidance from Hannah. Basically, I was having flashbacks of right-hand leading Cradle Spin from week five, when falling backwards into a move leading with my right, my brain seems to shut down!

Going into Chair Spin from this transition was completely different to me from doing it as a ‘standalone’ move. Connecting it smoothly to a preceding move and ensuring I finished in a position to go onto the next move forced me to think about everything I was doing.

I really feel like my Attitude Spin has come on leaps and bounds since I first learned how to do it. My left foot naturally hooks on to the pole now and my finishing position on the floor feels spot on (to me anyway).

Fan Kick is another matter. I think over the Christmas break I should practice the movement on the floor at least once a day until muscle memory really kicks in, so that it looks and feels natural. Straight legs and pointed toes are my only saving grace in this move, the nice, wide legs and smooth circular movements elude me, but I am determined to get it right!

The floor work elements of this routine felt really alien to me the first time I tried, but after realising that nobody cares what I look like while slinking about on the floor, I threw myself in to it wholeheartedly and had a lot of fun. I’m no Magic Mike (yet), but at least I tried!

Week Six – Aerial Hoop 

Due to the Christmas wind down, there was no Aerial Hoop class to attend at Aerial Attic this week, but I’ve been reading up on possible new moves to speak to Ellie about in the new year to expand my repertoire.

I’ll be taking a break from attending classes over the Christmas and New Year holiday while the Aerial Attic is closed, but you can be sure I will be practising everything I can while I’m off.

Here’s hoping you all have a brilliant break over Christmas and that Santa brings you everything you asked for, see you in 2020 for more adventures of a Pole and Aerial Hoop Beginner!

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