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Where do you ship to?

X-POLE ships across the globe. For global office locations, please visit xpole.com.

X-POLE UK & Europe (x-pole.co.uk) delivers to the following destinations:

Albania – Up to 4 business days
Austria – 5-6 business days
Belgium – 4-5 business days
Bulgaria – 6-7 business days
Croatia – 7-8 business days
Cyprus – Up to 4 business days
Czech Republic – 5-6 business days
Denmark – 4-6 business days
Estonia – 7-8 business days
Finland – 6-9 business days
France – 4-8 business days
Germany – 4-5 business days
Gibraltar – 7-9 business days
Greece – 9-13 business days
Guernsey – 6-8 business days
Hungary – 5-6 business days
Iceland – Up to 3 business days
Ireland – 4-5 business days
Isle of Man – 3-4 business days
Italy – 5-9 business days
Jersey – 6-8 business days
Latvia – 6-8 business days
Liechtenstein – 5-9 business days
Lithuania – 6-7 business days
Luxembourg – 4-5 business days
Malta – Up to 3 business days
Montenegro – Up to 5 business days
Netherlands – 4-5 business days
North Macedonia – Up to 3 business days
Norway – 6-9 business days
Poland – 5-6 business days
Portugal – 5-6 business days
Romania – 7-8 business days
Serbia – Up to 3 business days
Slovak Republic – 6-7 business days
Slovenia – 5-6 business days
South Africa – 4-8 business days
Spain – 5-7 business days
Sweden – 5-7 business days
Switzerland – 5-6 business days
Turkey – 3-5 business days
United Kingdom – 1-3 business days

For destinations not listed, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team on [email protected] or 0044 (0)208 449 4400 for a quote.


Do you accept US Dollars?

Our US site, www.xpoleus.com, accepts US Dollars

Do you accept Euros?

Just select your country and preferred currency from the dropdown menu in the top left-hand corner (or bottom of the mobile menu), we’ll take care of the rest.

This includes fast & reliable shipping. Prices include pesky import taxes & duties, with no hidden fees or surprises so that you can concentrate on your pole and aerial experience!
Pay your way with over 100 local payment providers and popular finance options such as Klarna at checkout (dependent on territory).

How long until my product is delivered?

In the UK, pending stock availability, you can expect your item to be delivered within 1-2 business days. In Europe, pending stock availability, you can expect your item to be delivered within 2-5 business days. In certain circumstances, where there is customs clearance required, delivery can take up to 10 business days, pending stock availability and local customs clearance rules.

Do you offer finance?

Yes. We offer finance plans via our finance partners, ClearPay and OmniCaptial Retail Finance.

Do you offer an upgrade service?

No, we do not offer an upgrade service.

How much does an X-FLY weigh?

The X-POLE X-FLY flying pole weighs approximately 18kg

How much does a LyraPole weigh?

The X-POLE LyraPole weighs approximately 15kg

How much does a hoop weigh?

X-POLE hoops weigh approximately 15kg

How much does an A-FRAME weigh?

The X-POLE A-FRAME weighs 35kg

How much does an X-STAGE/X-STAGE Lite weigh?

The X-POLE X-STAGE weighs 100kg. The X-STAGE Lite weighs 75kg.

How much does an XPERT Pro weigh?

The X-POLE XPERT Pro weighs 21kg

How much does an XPERT weigh?

The X-POLE XPERT weighs 21kg

How much does a SPORT weigh?

The X-POLE SPORT weighs 18.5kg

What are the shipping dimensions of my product?

Our boxing differs depending on the product, here is a list of the different box sizes:

A-FRAME: L – 1600mm H – 290mm D – 290mm
SPORT: L – 1180mm H – 270mm – D – 80mm
XPERT: L – 1180mm – H – 460mm – D 125mm
XPERT PRO: L – 1170mm H – 430mm D – 140mm
X-STAGE: L – 950mm H – 410mm D – 250mm
X-STAGE LITE: L – 1015mm H – 315mm D – 205mm
X-STAGE PLATES: L – 750mm H – 120mm – D – 830mm

What is the size of the box my product will come in?

Our boxing differs depending on the product, here is a list of the different box sizes:

A-FRAME: L – 1600MM H – 250MM D – 250MM
SPORTS: L – 1150MM H – 245MM – D – 85MM
XPERT/XPERT PRO: L – 1170MM H – 450MM D – 125MM
X-STAGE: L – 950MM H – 410MM D – 250MM
X-STAGE LITE: L – 1015MM H – 315MM D – 205MM
X-STAGE PLATES: L – 750MM H – 120MM – D – 830MM

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