Need a little help selecting your pole dance pole? Here’s what’s on offer for your pole journey.

There are several different types of pole, in different finishes, diameters and styles.

Pressure mounted poles (SPORT, XPERT & XPERT Pro) – These are mounted without the need for screws, bolts or permanent fixings, as long as they are under either a joist/beam or solid ceiling, within the range of the safe usable heights.

Pole Stages (X-STAGEX-STAGE Lite) – A complete freestanding pole which you can take anywhere.

Static poles (SPORT poles) – Non-spinning poles perfect for starting your journey.

Static & Spinning poles (XPERT, XPERT Pro, X-STAGE & X-STAGE Lite) – The best of both worlds, ideal for the poler who wants to add a new level to their practice.

The finish and diameter of your pole are very important and can make a big difference to your enjoyment of your pole:


Chrome – The industry standard finish and a good all-rounder for all levels of skill/experience. High grade steel poles are coated in Chrome and polished to a high finish.

Stainless Steel – A great alternative to Chrome or Brass and very hard wearing. Stainless Steel poles are polished to a mirror finish. Also good for polers with nickel allergies and ideal for commercial environments (studios and gyms) with a lot of polers!

Brass – Great in hotter climates as the grip factor increases with the ambient temperature and the perfect choice for polers with nickel allergies.

Titanium Gold – Chrome poles are taken and electronically coated with the finish for an enhanced grip.

Powder Coat (Black, Pink & White) – Useful for people who struggle to grip standard metal poles. Very high grip factor! Steel poles are powder coated and baked to seal the finish. Available in black, white and hot pink!

Silicone (Black & Pink) – The ultimate easy grip pole! Minimal skin to pole contact needed. Steel poles have a silicone sleeve attached to the surface of the pole. Available in 45mm pole diameter only.

Interested in reading more about our available pole finishes? Check out Stainless Steel V. Chrome – The Debate.


40mm diameter poles – For polers with smaller hands, kids and youths.

45mm diameter poles – The industry standard diameter, used in studios, gyms and competitions across the world.

If you want to know more about a particular pole, take a look at the product page or visit our FAQ’s and Support pages.

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