The (Not So) Secret Diary of A Pole and Aerial Hoop Beginner

visit a lot of studios, competitions and showcases for my job here at X-POLE. After initially meeting people, the inevitable question comes up every single time: “So do you do pole or aerial?” My answer for over three years has always been the same; “No, but if I wasn’t so busy, I’d love to give it a try!

Another comment is usually something along the lines of: “You must love having the X-POLE studio right above your office, I bet you’re in there every day!” Again, I’d love to respond with a resounding yes, but truthfully, I haven’t stepped foot in the studio in my entire time at X-POLE, except for work purposes.

Recently, I’ve had a lot of conversations with people about the low level of men participating in Pole and Aerial too (both in terms of class attendance and competition entrants). Nobody is quite sure why there are so few, but it’s a recurring theme of conversations I have with people on my travels.

I’ve always been in awe of the physical prowess, confidence and bravery of all the competitors and performers I see at the events I attend. Add in to that the creativity of some of the pieces people bring to the stage and I can’t help but admire every single person who has the determination and discipline to train and bring their vision to the stage.

Having thought long and hard about the above points, I’ve decided to put my money where my mouth is and put myself forward for beginners pole and beginners aerial hoop classes at The Aerial Attic studio.

Full disclosure, I haven’t been to a gym or done exercise with any regularity in over two years, I have never attended a pole or aerial hoop class (I’ve had a little play at trade shows, video shoots and exhibitions) so I am starting from the beginning in every sense of the phrase.

I’m super excited about it and will be sharing my experiences (and muscle pains/pole kisses) and progress via a weekly blog post on and via my social media (check the bottom of this post for links to my Facebook and Instagram profiles), so if you want an insight into what it’s like for someone starting pole and aerial hoop from absolute scratch (and a good laugh), keep an eye on the blog section of the X-POLE website.

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