The (Not So) Secret Diary Of A Pole and Aerial Hoop Beginner – Week Eight

eek Eight – Pole

After the usual warm up session with Hannah, we went back to our flow sequence from the previous week, consisting of Step Around, Back Step and Step Around Pirouette.

All of it flowed pretty nicely for me on both sides except that damn Step Around Pirouette! I really must get to working on it at home, as it’s starting to annoy me that something that looks so simple is causing me so much grief!

We did add a Figure Four Spin to the end of the sequence too. Thankfully, this only took one or two tries to get for me, so it balanced out the frustration I was feeling from the Step Around Pirouette.

Not sure how many readers this next passage will apply to but none the less, here goes. Beard Oil is nobody’s friend when it comes to pole, even though I’d thoroughly washed my hands before class to get rid of any residue, my hands were still a bit slippery. My tip; stick to beard balm once in the morning for conditioning and hold on a pole day, unless you don’t mind arriving to class looking like an unkempt badger!

Back to the pole stuff! After the flow sequence, we revisited our inverts. This time, attempting a Butterfly. Getting up is fairly smooth for me now, I think my next aim is to really control the lift.

Anyway, I digress. On the first attempt at Butterfly, I was probably a bit too low on the pole, so it didn’t really go as planned. Second time around, my core wasn’t properly engaged and my back wasn’t particularly straight, by this point it was time to start the final stretch of the session so no more chances for another try, but I know what I need to do next session to get it right.

Week Eight – Aerial Hoop

Ellie started us out on our usual warm up, but hinted we’d be trying something a bit different towards the end.

The something a bit different turned out to be an abs and core workout choreographed to a song. While this was incredibly fun, after two minutes or so I was done in!

If you fancy trying it, check out the below video:

After this, we started on Back Balance to Birds Nest. I did pick up a lovely bruise on the top of my foot from the Birds Nest!

Ellie then showed us Secretary on the top of the hoop. After the Poisson from last weeks session, I felt pretty confident about this move from the start. The locking of your legs around the strop really makes you feel secure in place!

We did try Flying Secretary too, but as with Pole, we were close to the end of our session so I didn’t get to nail it this time around, may be next week.

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