X-POLE Aerial Mounts for Home and Studio

hank you for all your feedback and comments regarding the X-POLE Home and Studio mounts. Firstly these are two very different products and we agree these should not have been mixed together in our marketing!

The X-POLE Aerial Home mount has been specifically made for low level, non-dynamic aerial yoga/hammock. We designed this product as we had seen many home users and non-home users using surface welded U-Plates from various on-line stores and DIY store eye bolts which were not specifically designed for that purpose.

The mounts themselves have taken over 3 years to design and develop and 6 weeks ago we had a UK test house test and certify the mounts.

The home mount was rated at 2000kg – WLL 10:1 = 200kg. We recommend that 2 x home mounts are used for aerial hammock, splitting the load however, we appreciated that people may decide to use only one for Hammock so ensured the WLL was more than sufficient.

Our instructions, for both products are currently being finalised in which we state that we recommend that only a professional install the mounts, there are so many variants to a home installation that it is impossible for us to tell the client where and how to install. However, we recommend that a minimum of 4x 65mm screws (supplied) are used into a joist/beam. We also say that it is not suitable for a floating ceiling and or direct to plasterboard. The home mount has a purpose designed twist and lock system, unique to the X-POLE mount, this is for engagement and release, so that the insert needs a positive push up and twist, which insures that the insert cannot come unlocked during use.

Our studio mount is for use within a studio setting, this can be installed on truss or via our plate mount, again we advise that a professional install this. The studio version is a spinning mount and can be used with hoop, sling, silks. We always advise that our product is for aerial fitness and therefore do not recommend installation over 4.5m. The studio mounts have been tested to 3000kg – WLL 10: 1 = 300kg.

Once again thank you all for the feedback, the message has certainly got back to the office and we will in future make sure that we let you know as much information as possible on release. Customer safety is a priority at X-POLE and ALL our products are tried and load tested by a certified UK company. If you do have any questions please feel free to email [email protected] and we will be happy to answer questions.