International Pole Camp 2019 – Powered by X-POLE

ow in its seventh year, the International Pole Camp has grown year on year to become one of the landmark events in the pole and aerial events calendar. At X-POLE, we love to support and nurture amazing events like this and we continue to provide the best equipment to the organisers of the International Pole Camp for the 2019 edition.

As in previous years, the camp will have multiple attendance options:

Camp 1:        21.9. – 24.9.2019
Camp 2:        26.9. – 29.9.2019
XXL-Camp:    21.9. – 29.9.2019

Hosted at the Bibione Palace Spa Hotel in Bibione, Italy,  the combination of workshops, parties and vacation feeling in one of the probably most beautiful hotels of the Upper Adriatic Sea is an absolutely unique experience.

To find out more about whats on offer, the dates, location and prices, please click here.

Always providing a strong line up of workshops, classes and instructors, all taking place on X-POLE poles, this year is no different. Check out the amazing selection of pole stars at this years edition of International Pole Camp:

Evgeny Greshilov (Russia)

Evgeny (3-times World Pole Champion) is probably the most famous pole dancer in the world and we are very proud and pleased to welcome him again to the Int. Polecamp in Bibione. In addition to numerous national and international competitions, he won the title Word Champion Pole as first man in the world in October 2011. Around the world, he enthusiastically as a choreographer and instructor workshop participants and audience alike. He is also founder & co-owner of the online school Open Dance Academy.

Kira Noire (Russia)

Kira (Int. Pole Champion 2015 in double category) started pole dancing in 2008. She doesn’t has any gymnastic or professional dance background, but she has a huge passion to pole. After 2 years she started to teach and compete in Russia, then in Europe and now in the world. In 2015 she became to work in double with Evgeny Greshilov. In 2017 they started to work at the biggest Russian dance-circus show in Leningrad Centre as pole artists.

Louise Wawrzynska (Denmmark)

For years, Louise has dedicated herself to the art of pole dancing, and has become an experienced artist featured in a wide range of events across Denmark and abroad. She is known for her graceful and elegant style. In 2016 she made her Flying pole debut on Denmark’s Got Talent and became pole art champion at Pole Theatre Paris 2016 and Pole Theatre UK 2017 as well as finalist on Pole Expo 2018. She now shares her passion for pole dancing, by traveling around the world performing, teaching, competing and judging.

Yvonne Smink (Netherlands)

Yvonne was introduced to pole dance in 2011 and not a single day has gone by without her training (or thinking about training) on the pole! Originating from the wall-climbing scene, she immediately fell in love with the physical challenge pole dance gives her. Her unique style shows influences from Chinese pole and breakdance among others. Every performance is detailed and filled with movement that takes the audiences breath away. Yvonne is a multiple Dutch Pole Champion and was a finalist on the Dutch TV Show ‘Everybody Dance Now’. Other titles she achieved are overall Winner Pole Theatre Paris 2016 and Pole Art winner Pole Theatre UK 2018.

Růženka Kunstýřová (Czech Republic)

Růženka is 31 years old and pole dancing since September 2009 – 10 years right now!!! She won twice 1st place on WPSC 2015, 5th place on WPSC 2014 and 3rd place on WPSC 2016. Her background shortly: latin American dancing on competition level 13years until 2011, billiard since 1997-2009 on competition level (Czech national champion 2008). Růženka is an old Czech name. You can hear it in Czech Republic only and mostly on grandmothers or dogs….and me! 🙂 She likes her surname Kunstýřová more because it means more what she does – “kunst” – art. 🙂 And this is what she would love to teach you in Bibione this year. Art of Růženka or “Růženka´s kunst” in many styles (choreography, light exotic, my pole technique – her pole way “be strong but stay feminine”, tricks and combos on static/spinning pole, lady latin dance, and more).

Vladimir Karachunov (Russia)

Pole acrobat since 2008, movement enthusiast since birth. Vladimir presented workshops all over the world and has no secrets from any person who would like to learn from (or with) him. Founder of “My Pole Space” school and online education programs. He is always looking for new concepts and open for pole experiments. His favourite techniques are spins on static, dynamic tricks and balances. He’ll do his best to make your head and body busy, keep your eyes wide open.

Britt Bloem (Netherlands/Austria)

Britt was born in Holland, she made her first experience at the pole during a pole dance course at the university in Holland and immediately fell in love with the pole. The best thing for the native of Innsbruck is to pass on her love for pole dancing and share it with many women! Besides the Pole Theatre World Finale 2016 and the victory at the Pole Theatre Ireland 2016 (Art) she won the title Miss Pole Dance Austria three times in a row!

Slava Popov (Germany)

The former “Cirque du Soleil” Artist will introduce you to the technique of handstand and absolute body control, based on his 30 years of experience! Through his numerous workshops and personal trainings he knows exactly how he can improve and expand your skills! Whether beginner or advanced – in his workshop every handstand is lifted to a whole new level!

Julia Pengler (Germany)

After more than 25 years dancing in exercise room and as a musical performer on stage, Julia touched for the first time a Pole in 2008 and felt in love with that sport in this second. Since then, not a day has passed without any training or at least without thinking about the next training. To express oneself in this dance form, thereby being able to totally exploit, is her perfect stimulation to work on herself and the incredible number of combinations. Julia is working as pole instructor for 5 years and runs her own polestudio POLE your BODY in Hamburg since 2014.

Anna Pichler (Austria)

She already discovered the two great loves of her life in her childhood. On the one hand the love to the music and on the other hand the love to sports. After she likes to be away a little “more wildly”, too, she does judo, Tae Bo, rides snowboard or drives with her Enduro crossways. Anywhen the dance (ballet, hip Hop and jazz) has intensively devoted to the integral part of her life and since 2011 devoted “herself to the pole”.

Anamaria Bozga (Germany)

Anamaria is passionate about pole and has been pole dancing since 2013, when she discovered this form of sport during her time in Italy. Pole dancer, teacher and performer, she is the owner and only trainer of Pole Dance Rosenheim – Delía Studio, since 2015. In order to grow her teaching technique, she did more than 6 different formation courses, for pole dance, floor flow, pole kids, twerking, as well as judging competitions for Adults and Juniors in Italy. Started competing last year in Italian Pole Dance Contest, winning the second place for Best Technique in Professional Category. Passionate about clean lines, pointed toes and beautiful flow transitions.

Carina Edlinger (Austria)

Even as a small child, I always wanted to be a Dancer. I started with everything about dancing and worked as a fitness trainer. At 2014, I started with pole dancing and was totally overwhelmed by the first successes. In 2015 i opened my own Pole dance Studio in Klagenfurt/Austria and fell totally in love to teaching pole lessons. I participate in many international and national workshops, to constantly improve myself and to pass on as many as possible to you. In March this year i´ve maked my first Pole Competition at PSO Austria and take the first place. „I can´t wait to share my passion with you“