X-POLE Innovation

X-POLE is at the forefront of pole & aerial innovation, releasing products specifically designed for users of all levels – from beginner to expert – who want to excel in the art of pole and aerial dance. This has been done through constant & rigorous testing as well as involving dancers of all levels to provide input on the development process of X-POLE products.

X-POLE Technology
Years of research & design has helped to refine the technology to produce the world's leading dance poles and stages.

The 'X-JOINT', just one of many market leading X-POLE innovations, is a revolutionary tube joint developed over a 2 year period in conjunction with the world's best instructors who wanted a quick, easy to install pole with high stability, strength & rigidity.


- No ceiling fixing required. Bottom loading – no ladder required.

- One person can assemble & disassemble in minutes.

- Completely portable, with carry cases included.

- Exceptional value for money.

- The world's best pole!

- International product support.