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New to pole and looking for a starter level pole, but don’t want to sacrifice quality for price? The X-POLE SPORT is made for you.




My floor to ceiling height is:

 '  ''

Extensions needed:
  • No additional extensions needed

£109.99 incl. VAT

£109.99 incl. VAT

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Currently available for pre-order:

New to pole and looking for a starter level pole, but don’t want to sacrifice quality for price? The X-POLE SPORT is made for you.

So easy to set up you don’t even need a ladder. Height adjustable, with no permanent fixings, available in Chrome and Powder Coat finishes and pole diameters (40mm and 45mm).

The SPORT pole is only available in static/non-spinning to ease the new poler in to their journey.


  • Static/non-spinning mode only
  • Pressure mounted pole that fits heights between 2235mm (7′ 4″) to 2745mm (9′)
    • Optional extensions for ceiling heights above 2745mm (9′) up to 3370mm (11′)
  • Available in Chrome & Powder Coat (Black & Pink) finishes (product colour may differ from pictures) and 40mm & 45mm diameters
  • Easy to install and user friendly
  • Perfect for starting your pole journey
  • Safe, sturdy and full instruction manuals/instructional videos available
  • Disassembled quickly for easy storage and transport
    • Carry case included
  • No screws, bolts or drilling needed to set up the SPORT range of poles

For static and spinning poles, check out the XPERT and XPERT Pro.

SPORT Installation

All About The X-JOINT

Weight 18 kg

40mm, 45mm


Chrome, Powder Coat Pink, Powder Coat Black

What's the difference between each pole finish?

Chrome – The industry standard finish and a good all-rounder for all levels of skill/experience. High grade steel poles are coated in Chrome and polished to a high finish.

Stainless Steel – A great alternative to Chrome or Brass and very hard wearing. Stainless Steel poles are polished to a mirror finish. Also good for polers with nickel allergies and ideal for commercial environments (studios and gyms) with a lot of polers!

Brass – Great in hotter climates as the grip factor increases with the ambient temperature and the perfect choice for polers with nickel allergies.

Titanium Gold – Chrome poles are taken and electronically coated with the finish for an enhanced grip.

Powder Coat (Black, Pink & White) – Useful for people who struggle to grip standard metal poles. Very high grip factor! Steel poles are powder coated and baked to seal the finish. Available in black, white and hot pink!

Silicone (Black & Pink) – The ultimate easy grip pole! Minimal skin to pole contact needed. Steel poles have a silicone sleeve attached to the surface of the pole. Available in 45mm pole diameter only.

Chrome – 40mm and 45mm – Steel core with Chrome coating applied

Stainless Steel – 40mm and 45mm – Highly polished Stainless Steel pole

Brass – 40mm and 45mm –Brass tube.

Titanium Gold – 40mm and 45mmSteel core with Chrome coating that is then electronically treated to give the Gold finish with additional grip

Powder Coat (Black, White and Pink) – 40mm and 45mm – Steel core with a powder coat layer baked on

Silicone (Black and Pink) – 45mm – Steel core with a 5mm thick silicone sheath glued to the pole

How many people can use a SPORT at once?

A maximum of two people can use a SPORT pole at one time

How much does a SPORT weigh?

The X-POLE SPORT weighs 18.5kg

What comes in the SPORT kit?

1 x SPORT A pole, 1x SPORT B pole, 1 x 250mm extension, 1x 125mm extension, foam padding, 2 x 200mm X-JOINT (3 x 200mm X-JOINT's in a 40mm pole set),1 x 180mm X-JOINT, articulating base, upper plate, instruction manual, Tightening/Releasing Tool, 6mm Hex key and a carry/storage case.

What are the shipping dimensions of my product?

Our boxing differs depending on the product, here is a list of the different box sizes:

A-FRAME: L – 1600mm H – 250mm D – 250mm
SPORT: L – 1180mm H – 270mm – D – 80mm
XPERT: L - 1180mm – H - 460mm - D 125mm
XPERT PRO: L – 1170mm H – 430mm D – 140mm
X-STAGE: L – 950mm H – 410mm D – 250mm
X-STAGE LITE: L – 1015mm H – 315mm D – 205mm
X-STAGE PLATES: L – 750mm H – 120mm – D – 830mm

What's the size of the upper dome/base?

SPORT (NS) upper plate = 230mm

SPORT (NS) base plate = 230mm

XPERT (NX) upper dome = 380mm

XPERT (NX) microbase = 120mm

XPERT Pro (PX) upper dome = 280mm

XPERT Pro (PX) base = 120mm

Do you have spare/replacement screws?

Yes, if you should need a replacement screw(s) for any X-POLE product, please contact our technical team on 0044 (0)208 449 4400 or at [email protected] for advice.


A-pole retaining screws – 3 x M8 x 8
Static/Spinning – 2 x M10 x10
Bearing locking screws -  3 x M10 x 8 (Domed)
(NST02 - 3 x M10 x 8 Flat)
Bearing locating 1 x M6 x 5


Adjuster locking screws – 3 x M10 x 8
Static/Spinning – 2 x M10 x 10


Adjuster locking screws – 3 x M10 x 8

Pre-2014 XPERT (XX)

Adjuster locking screws – 3 x M8 x 8
Static/Spinning – 2 x M8 x 10