Jamilla Deville - The Art of Pole 1

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Volume One is designed for beginners who want to gain a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of pole dancing. Starting with grounded moves and progressing to first aerial spins and static holds, this volume also includes transitions to turn your pole moves into pole dance. Jamilla demonstrates and talks you through each move using mini-routines to combine what you have learned into a dance.

Featuring exclusive live performances to inspire you forward as well as a Special Features section with pole specific warm-ups, cool-downs and Level One of Jamilla’s body conditioning series, this is a must have DVD!

01. Walking Around the Pole

02. Step Around

03. Walk and Step Around

04. Walk and Step Around – to a count of 8

05. Step Turn06. Step Turn – to a count of 8

07. Slide and Recovery

08. Forward Hook – Grounded Version

09. Forward Hook – Aerial Version

10. Forward Hook – to the floor

11. Backward Hook

12. Backward Hook – with Step Around

13. Toe Spin14. Toe Spin – to Backward Hook

15. Double TapLesson One - Mini Routine