iTac2 - Extra Strength

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“Have you ever had that horrible feeling of slipping and starting to lose control”?

This is one of the most unsettling feelings for any athlete during competition or training. No matter what your chosen sport is that you desire to participate in at any level “this situation can spell disaster".

When the company designed itac2 they knew itac2 needed to be many things to many sports people, one was to be a very natural base product, and they looked to nature to find the answers! They use unique 100% Natural Organic Australian Beeswax from the Channel Country of Western Queensland Australia as a base, as well as blended Plant-Based Esters to add more grip. Beeswax is naturally and completely water resistant adding enhancing Plant Esters to increase gripping ability with a more natural feeling. iTac2 achieves a low pressure grip to gain high strength linkage and control. This makes itac2 a perfect companion for any sporting person at any level to use on their hands, body and sporting equipment and or apparatus. Itac2 delivers you the ability to grip very well with a lot less pressure and achieve a strong hold.

An invisible glove you could say!

iTac2 totally comes into its element in water as itac2 just works better the more you get it wet. The Current 2015 World Champion High Diver Jahir Ocampo, From Mexico always dives with iTac2! He calls it his Secret Weapon iTac2 is more control, iTac2 is more power, iTac2 is saving you energy. You need to stay focused on the challenge ahead. Grip is only one of many of things that could be happing at the same time to achieve your goal don’t let your grip fail you. We designed itac2 to increase your grip in all-weather wet, humid, sweaty conditions, underwater and for a large variety of sporting equipment with different uses. Itac2 also has the benefit of lasting a long time. You don’t need much itac2 to achieve a strong grip. Itac2 comes in two levels Extra Strength and Regular Strength Grip. Itac2 solves lots of small connected linkage problems with people and sporting equipment uniquely.


Jar size - 45g