New Year, New Pricing: The Final Countdown Is On!

What a year we have had! 2021 seems to have flown past at light speed!
The world is still changing and evolving. With that in mind, we are announcing a rise in the prices of X-POLE products. Factors that have influenced this decision include:
  • Raw material costs
  • Transport and freight costs
  • Currency fluctuations
  • Manufacturing costs and restrictions
  • Global inflation
  • Rising energy costs
We do not believe in lowering the quality of our materials or manufacturing processes. 
We believe it’s right to keep them where they are and go “Beyond The Expected” now and in the future.
We are keeping our current prices as long as we can, right up until midnight on 04/01/2022.

You can shop with 0% finance (subject to availability) throughout the UK and Europe with frictionless shipping (taxes and duties included: no hidden fees) to all destinations.