POLE JOURNEY: Gadget-spiration for Pole Training

POLE JOURNEY: Gadget-spiration for Pole Training

For my first blog post with X-pole, I thought I’d start with my favourite subject – shopping!

Not clothes this time though, with the release of the new iPhone 7 this month, I got to thinking about gadgets that could assist us pole dancers with our training.  So I’ve pulled together a roundup of the best gadgets - from quirky to practical, these geektastic tools are a must-have in anyone’s shopping wish list!



ANKER USB PowerPort £23.99

The average household apparently has 4 devices, most pole dancers I know have at least 2 each! From your laptop, phone and tablet, you either need plenty of chargers or a lot of hours to wait for each one to charge! The geniuses at Anker have created a USB Powerport which can charge up to 6 devices at the same time! With fast charging technology and an 18 month warranty, this is more of an essential buy for prepping your devices in advance of training.

CamKix 3 in 1 camera lens kit for Smartphones £8.79

We’ve all been there, in a small studio wanting to film your pole progress, but your phone doesn’t fit you in lengthways or widthways so you make the call on less of your legs or less of your head!

Those days can be a distance memory with the CamKix 3 in 1 camera lens kit. This nifty little device for smartphones allows you to not only include a 180 degree shot of you from your phone with a wide angle fish eye lens but also a 2 in 1 Macro and wide angle lens to capture a large view of your location or get close up on finer details. The clip on lens holders allows you to screw on a lens of your choice and simply place over the back or front camera and better yet – it will fit all smartphones and tablets.

All 3 lenses come in a small pouch ideal for travelling and are made from aluminium so look sleek!

Coffee mug warmer £8.17

With the winter months coming up, there’s even more of a requirement to want hot drinks at the ready during training. My pet hate when going to train with a coffee during the winter months is that no sooner have you warmed yourself up, your coffee has cooled itself down! L

This awesome mug warmer will literally change anyone’s winter training sessions! Keep your precious coffee, tea or soup warm and toasty.

 Portable Hard Drive from £64.99

Portable hard drives are one of the most popular gadgets around at the moment and for pole dancers it's another essential to invest in. Firstly, you can avoid saving all your videos and pictures to your laptop (which will slow it down) and also it's easier to transport and access in case you have to use a different devices. Although online storage such as cloud, Google Drive and Dropbox are great, they limit the number of uploads you can make and also they always require internet access. Having recently researched hard drives for my own purchase, my favourite option is the My Passport Ultra – not only can it store up to 3 TB, it is also encrypted so extra security for your images/videos. It also comes in 4 different colours and is small enough to fit in your bag.

 Portable charger from £11.99

From taking photos, listening to music, posting on social and whatsapping friends, our phones get a lot of use on a daily basis and you can’t always guarantee that you will be in a place where you can be still to wait for your phones to recharge. Or worse still you’re in the middle of filming and your battery gives you the 10% warning! I will recommend anyone who uses their phone a lot to get one of these. Anker is currently Amazon’s number 1 charging brand and their PowerIQ portable charger delivers the fastest charge while you’re on the go, you can also charge your iPad mini’s to around 80% with this mini chocolate bar sized pack. Better yet this one comes with an 18 month warranty and comes in 4 different colours.

 Smartphone projector £38.99

Want to have a night in watching your favourite pole vids in a cinema style? This awesome portable projector can connect to your iPhone, Samsung, laptop, Bluetooth player, Xbox or ps3 and projects for over 20,000 hours! (That’s A LOT of pole vids!)

With a multifunction interface, you can link up your phone and speakers and better yet it has a low power consumption so you can watch guilt-free!

 Portable speaker £125

Whether you’re on holiday, training at a studio that has no stereo or at home. Investing in a decent portable speaker system is definitely worthwhile for any dancer. This Minirig Bluetooth speaker is a small but mighty firecracker of a sound system. With clear crisp sound and a battery time of 50 hours of usage your music will sound more like you’re in a club than a studio! I like this brand in particular because they’re also based in Bristol, a friend recently bought these and said that the team at Howkapow could not be more helpful, delivering the next day and apologising they couldn’t get it out on the same day!

Although a little pricey than your average portable speaker, to get a decent sound to dance to, it is worth investing. This speaker comes in a soft carry case, a year’s warranty and is available in purple, blue, silver, black, red, green and yellow!