Pole Dancing DVDs

Get fit, have fun and look sexy with this pole fitness workout DVD selection.

We know our customers come to us at all different times in their evolution as dancers. That's why we offer a series of DVDs for dancers at every level, from early beginners through to the most advanced. Some of the instructional DVDs will guide you through renowned athletes' favorite moves and transitions, designed to help both beginner and advanced dancers develop fluidity and raw sensuality in their movement. Whether you're new to pole fitness or an experienced pole dancer looking for a fun workout that will help improve your technique, the selection of DVDs are for you!

All DVDs feature step-by-step instruction, covering basic spins, poses, pole sits, floorwork and hand grips. All DVDs are manufactured to the finest world standards and encoded to play on both PAL and NTSC televisions and even on your computer. They're also Region Free which means they will play anywhere without restriction.