Accessories & Spare Parts

In this section you will find all accessories and spares parts. Our accessories include our very own X-CLEAN for use with all Chrome and Stainless poles - the most effective cleaning product for X-POLE sets.

As it is crucial to maintain pole sets in studios and schools on a regular basis, we also offer a very comprehensive tool kit for checking X-Joints and making sure that your pole is in optimum condition.

Ever had to deal with a 'cold' pole? Why not try one of our new Pole Warmers? Simply wrap it around your pole and using the velcro straps secure it in place. Switch it on and leave at the desired heat setting (20,30 or 40 degree celsius) for approximately 15-20 minutes. Switch off the pole warmer, remove and use your warm pole. (Please note that this is not an excuse to forgo warm-up!) 

Lost a screw? Damaged your A-POLE? Ripped your bags? Well, you can also find all spare parts for your pole sets in this section. Please always make sure you fully read the product description and ensure that the part that you are buying is compatible with your pole set. Any doubts, then just give us a call.