X-Stage Lite 45mm Stainless Steel

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The X-Stage Lite is, as its name infers, a lighter version of the X-Stage Standard. The 'Lite' has all the same features as the Standard except with the floor at 4" it is 8" lower and with the main frame weighing only 20.5Kg (45lbs) it is 20Kg lighter.

Lite Stage frames can be purchased seperately so that people who have a Standard X-Stage can have a lighter version for easier transportation.

Quick and easy to set up the X-Stage comes in 4 bags. The main stage frame opens up like a fan and the floor plates sit on top of the frame to give a solid, highly durable pole dancing stage.

Specifications X-Stage Lite

Stage diameter 1.6m (5' 3")
Overall height 3m (10')
Stage height 110mm (12.5')
Useable pole 2.89m (8' 10")

Weight (approx.)
X STAGE complete 70kg
Main frame 20kg
Stage panels 40kg
Pole tubes 10kg