To The World of Pole.

Competitions, showcases and events are key to the expansion of pole worldwide and a major element in breaking down the preconceived attitudes to our amazing sport and industry. It has taken the dedication, persistence and hard work of the schools, studios, teachers, performers, event organizers and pole followers over the last 8 -10 years to achieve the positive level of acceptance of pole established today.

Norwegian Championships 2014

It has been a privilege to work alongside and/or support so many excellent competitions, events and their superb organizers. Recent comments that our industry is 'too young' to hold competitions and that there are too many variables are totally unfounded, incorrect and reflect directly upon those who work so hard to stage the events.

X-POLE has been part of this industry, supporting, nurturing and contributing to it in a positive manner for over 10 years. In that time, we have facilitated and assisted the launch of regional, national and global competitions. In the last year alone X-Pole International has supported over 51 events and competitions globally (proof that our industry in not 'too' young) with Truss Rigged Competition Poles (some of which used X-POLEs New Ultra-Grip Brass comp poles!) and at every one of these events the 'Variables' were never a problem or stopped the event from taking place.

When supporting a competition, X-POLE liaises with the organizers well prior to the event. We advise and support regarding rigging/truss and structural requirements as well as giving detailed information about how to install the mounts and our dual lined competition poles - standard poles are unacceptable for competitions today with the standard of entrants so high and moves so extreme.

At the majority of competitions and events X-POLE's technical staff are on hand to advise, assist and install the poles and there throughout the event to ensure the poles are maintained to the standard expected by the performers. We are not perfect and hiccups do happen but they are resolved! This is a reflection of the quality of our product as well as X-POLEs determination to ensure that the organizers/ performers/competitors, who rely on us, are never let down.

X-POLE believes that competitions, showcases and other pole events will continue to lead the way and hopes to be able to provide ongoing support to those who have the courage to organize them. Long may it continue.

Clive M. Coote
Managing Director
X-POLE International.